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The cost of cable and satellite TV has forced many Americans to turn to digital TV antennas for free over the air HD programming. As seen on Kare 11 news:  

Did you know the major broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ION, PBS and others are broadcasting in high definition nowadays via over the air digital antennas. Plus the quality is better then cable or satellite.

This means you can enjoy "Free" HDTV programming if you have the right outdoor TV antenna. During these tough times, every penny counts.

 Why pay $85+ month for cable or satellite if most broadcasts are available to you for free over the air? That means you can "Save over $1,000 a year". That's a significant savings. 

The simple solution is one of our new digital antennas from Mr. HDTV Man.  We have the right outdoor antenna for your specific application. In addition if you are a DVR user we have a DVR system that records, pauses, skips and plays. Best of all, unlike cable or TiVo, there are no monthly box or subscription charges.         
 Why are the new "HD TV Antennas"  challenging the cable and satellite providers?
"I saw this on KARE 11 but did not believe it. I switched to a digital antenna and even kept my DVR capability with their Channel Master DVR +."

                                                             Rick Zabel
                                                             Maplewood, Mn. 

"I get superior quality over satellite with my new outdoor HD TV antenna and save over $85.00 a month. I should have done this years ago"  

                                                               Buzz Pierce                                                                Eden Praire, Mn.

"I paid $349 for my HD antenna and get 40+ crystal clear channels. It also included installation.
Saving me $89.00 month.
                                                              Doug Degler  
                                                              White Bear Lake
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       $1,000+          Year
"KARE 11 says its a trend you have to check out." 
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          "Free HDTV"
    Crystal Clear HDTV guaranteed superior to cable and satellite 

      No monthly cable/satellite fees
     No cable/satellite box charges
     No more monthly DVR charges

      "One time installation fee" 

    Plus no consultative fees. Its all part of our package. 
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  We want to thank all of our 500+ cord cutting customers for a very successful 2015 season! 

   Due to weather we will shortly suspended all roof installations for the season. However home / garage attic installations will be available. 

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         Again thank you for a great 2015 season!
                           Tom and Wayne
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