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" Helping the Twin Cities cut the cord "
        Introducing the New DVR+ from Channel Master 

                The only "subscription free" over-the-air TV DVR that integrates online                                   streaming services and lets you choose your recording capacity. 

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Packed with features! And their always adding more.

The only subscription free over-the-air DVR that integrates online  streaming services 

Record broadcast programming in uncompressed HD - the highest quality available  

•       Stop, pause or record programming at ant time. 

Stream first run movies with VUDU , stream music with Pandora or watch ESPN sports with Sling

Works with all digital TV antennas for instant access to broadcast programming  

Supports external USB hard drives for extra recording memory 

Dual tuners allow you to record one program while watching another or record two programs at once    

Records, pauses and plays back live TV up to 2 hours out of the box 

See what’s on now or later with the user-friendly Electronic Program Guide   

Easily search for shows and set timers with name-based recording 

Broadband connection provides automatic software updates and Internet video streaming services 

Get Wi-Fi connectivity with optional USB  Wi-Fi adapter

Supports Dolby® Digital Plus surround sound 

Ultra-low power consumption 

                                         The physical features. Pretty cool.

                      Unbelievably slim. Unbelievable value

Now you don't have to get up off the couch to switch inputs on the TV when you want to change from live TV viewing to an On Demand streaming service? 

Or perhaps you have to go to the trouble to pick up a different remote and push a few buttons. Either way, we’ve got a cure for that.

The Channel Master DVR+ integrates streaming services and apps directly into the guide. Just scroll to the channel and select it.

The DVR+ currently includes VUDU, a premium rental service packed with your favorite TV show seasons, movies and new-release DVD titles.


          DVR+ with external storage - $249.00
                          (Our most popular model)
​  (Comes with 2 hrs storage - Just add your own external storage)

          DVR+ with integrated storage - $349.00
          (Comes with 1 TB storage- 162 hours programming) 
​                        ( Currently out of stock)  



$49.00                      $15.00                      $99.00                            $15.00                        $39.00   

                     Only with Mr HDTV Man is Installation Free


                   Note: Your TV must have an HDMI Connection

What’s Included:

  DVR+ Digital TV Receiver/Recorder
  Quick Start Guide
  IR Universal Remote
  (2) Lithium 3V CR2032 Batteries
  External Power Supply
  1 year Limited Warranty

  Streaming apps:

  Sling - ESPN, CNN, Food and 17 more
  VUDU - Movies on-demand
  Pandora  - Your favorite music
  YouTube - Videos
  Plus 30 + additional streaming       stations like WGN

Stream first run movies with VUDU, watch YouTube, play music with Pandora or with Sling watch ESPN/Fox North sports, CNN News, History Channel, Food Channel, or children's programing with Disney. Plus 15 more including an HBO option. 
"The Twin Cities HD Antenna installation Specialist"