Will my HOA allow me to install an antenna?

In 1996, The FCC affirmed the rights of homeowners to place antennas on property they own or control. Review the FCC ruling.
Basically, the law says that homeowner, apartment and condo association covenants cannot prevent you from installing antennas. It states "prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming." You can install an antenna on your property if you have a condo, townhome or any other type of home association.

Why are you rated Number #1 from Angie's List, Google and other websites?

Because we do not leave your home until you are totally satisfied or there's no charge. Plus, we are the only company that offers a full one-year warranty on signal quality, materials and workmanship.

Is over-the-air HDTV really superior to cable and satellite providers?

Cable and satellite providers have data limitations. Because of this, they must often resort to data compression or other techniques that compromise the image quality and don't provide the full benefit of HD programming. Broadcast antennas are the only method for receiving HDTV in the resolution that the network intended to broadcast.

Can I really receive free HDTV programming?

All you need is a new digital antenna capable of receiving digital UHF and VHF signals. Don't worry; we will select the proper antenna for your situation. Most of the Twin Cities population live within range of OTA broadcast towers. The exception would be someone living in a very rural area. Although it's possible to live within the scope of broadcast towers, it's still possible you may not get an HD reception. For example, if you live near large buildings or have physical objects like metal roofs, large buildings, trees, or large hills. These objects may be blocking the signal from getting to you. Again don't worry; we will do a Free Signal Analysis for you.

Are all TV stations transmitting in digital high definition?

No, but if the broadcasting station is transmitting in HD, you receive it without any special boxes. However, all full-power broadcast TV stations are broadcasting in digital. There is no more analog from these stations. Primetime programming from the networks is usually in HD. Some of the daytime programmings are still in non-HD format.

Is my TV compatible with the new Digital HD programing?

If you don't know the answer to this, look at your owner's manual or call the manufacturer and ask them. If your TV has a square screen (Flat Screen), you most likely have a compatible TV. Conversely, if your TV is not a rectangle and looks like it has a tube, then it is likely that you don't have a television capable of displaying digital or HD programming.

However, even if you have an old analog TV with a converter box, you still receive over 35+ channels for free but not in high definition. We sell converter boxes for older analog TVs but recommend you consider a new TV.

How do I receive free HD Signals in the Twin Cities metro area?

To receive free digital and high definition signals, you must meet all of the following conditions:

1. You live in an area that is capable of receiving over-the-air (OTA) broadcast signals. The Twin Cities qualify.
2. Your local broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, etc.) transmit an HD digital signal. Yes, they all transmit digitally.
3. You either have an HDTV with a built-in digital (ATSC) tuner or an HD-ready TV. Most of today's TVs are digital-ready, especially if you own a flat-screen TV. But Check to make sure, or we will help.

What is the monthly cost?

There are no monthly cable or satellite fees, plus there are no monthly box or DVR fees. There is only a one-time fee for the antenna and installation. Then there is free HDTV for life.

Can I still have DVR capability?

Yes, with our new digital recorders, DVR capability is not only available but is  No more monthly charges. Also, since it has Wi-Fi capability, Movies-on-Demand and Web Applications are a click away.

Can I still stream or add a streaming device?

You can, and we will install it for you absolutely free. Our installation will not affect your current streaming devices. We will install it for free.

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